1. Why is your family moving onto a sailboat?

Our Dad has always had a dream of sailing to many countries and seeing the world. We have always heard him talk about it so we always thought it would happen, even though the rest of the people thought he was crazy, including our Mom. Our Mom become converted to the idea when we started our summer trips about 6 years ago. Each year we would leave for about 5 weeks and go somewhere and learn about a new place. We usually packed light and had little. That simple life started appealing to our Mom. We sold our big house about 2 years ago to prepare for the day when we would get a boat and move aboard.

2. When will you be moving onto the boat?

The boat will be complete within the month of October 2017. The boat will then make a 3 month journey to Florida for the 2018 Miami Boat Show in February. After the boat show, we will then move onto our boat. 

3. What will you do on the boat?

Our goal as a family is to visit a country for 6-8 months at a time to learn the area and culture. We also want to help as much as possible in a service mission capacity. We will work with local leaders to find projects that we as a family can do. This will help us get to know the area and people and become familiar with their lives. This will also be part of our education. Our parents already have a lot of ideas on how they want to serve, but I am sure we will figure that out when we get there.

4. How big is your boat and what does it look like?

It is a 53' ft Long and 28'ft wide catamaran. We have a lot of open space in the main salon, and we have a flybridge which is additional to the boat and it is going to be where we have the helm and a resting area. We will have more pictures of the boat soon.