History of the U.S. Constitution

“We the people, of the United States in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” These words show very strong and potent meaning. It gives the people, states, and vicinities freedom of speech, religion, and choices. Not only Americans but also immigrants or foreigners live here, too. Immigrants or foreigners hold a similarity to the water cycle. They can come to America, leave America, or stay in America like precipitation, evaporation, and condensation. Immigrants could be like a praline or nougat. A mixture of nuts and sugars. As in a mixture of Americans and immigrants. The immigrants that live here also posses the right of freedom. The excise and taxes need to be payed to keep businesses and commerce running. 

    Freedom of choice, an excellent gift given to us by amazing people who runs this country and nurtured and takes care of the people and the land. If I want to own a wharf I can own a wharf, if I want to become a cameo, I can learn and develop the talents and become a cameo, if I want lavender to be my favorite color, lavender can be my favorite color, if I only want to eat croissants I have the alternative to make that call. For the hundredth time if you wanted to join a gestapo, not that you would want to do that,  you can make that determination. These discretions all come from ourselves because we possess druthers. We are permitted to be gregarious with others that are disparate. 

    Freedom of religion, also a divine gift. You hold the authority to choose what religion to believe in and possess a vigorous amount of knowledge of that religion. You also can convert to other religions. Back then women were required to cover up with dresses and berets because of their religion but also their choice.

    Freedom of speech, another quality bestowal. We can speak how we want. You could be fiery and talk to someone in any way you want or be as peaceful and as sweet as a nightingale towards others. If you don’t like the way you are being talked to with deleterious words just stuff a gauze in the persons mouth. You might be eerily affected by your own or others tongue but that is there choice of how they speak. In other ways you might be mirthful with what others have to articulate. 

    In conclusion, the U.S. constitution is a great document in the United States. It allows us to enjoy the right of freedom and I love to be American to own these rights.

Life on a Boat

Life on a boat is rough but fun. This life is a once in a lifetime adventure, experience, and lifestyle. Columnist’s write about life on a boat as a good vacation away from home. Now that I live on the boat this is no vacation, this is home. Away from all the popularity and squanders, I live in an absurd universe.

    The rough part is being a beginner. It is very bewildering.  You have to learn everything about sailing. Fulfilling the lifestyle of a sailor is hard. You need to have a license, knowledge of sailing, and a boat. Your behavior should not be hoity-toity and you should be careful so you don’t have a serious injury or fall overboard. The first sail can also be very scary. It is a first experience so you do not know what is going to happen. You might be asking yourself questions like will we make it there safely? Will the sail rip? Will someone fall overboard? Will we all be okay? Eventually everything turns out just as the captain said it would. When sailing, we don’t have a curfew, because we all have shifts and nowhere else to be. Sailing takes a lot of skill just like karate. You need to know nautical terms like you need to know incredible moves to win a fight in karate. The process of getting the boat then living on it is like a fennel seed. You have to make the boat and prepare for the users like planting an herb and provide water and sunshine for it to come out for use. The herb growing process might be short but the boat process was a long wait. I’ve waited since I was a little girl to do live this way. My dad said we were going to live on a boat. I believed him, and look where I am now. I’ve been underneath a ramada this whole time when I could’ve been an expertise at sailing. I have that chance now to get my captains license before the age of twenty. I could be doing this til I am seventy if I wanted to instead of sitting in a chair by the fire crocheting.

    The fun part of living on a boat is exploring, relaxing, and enjoying the world around you. Take out a hammock and relax and enjoy a whiff of the fresh air and the peacefulness and beauty. Exploring new places is my favorite thing. Like maybe the Victorian historical sites or a variety of different uninhabited islands. Trying new foods is a way of exploring. I heard of this food made in Germany called kuchen and it is made from a carafe of coffee. Our boat might be boring looking like ecru, but the color is feldspar with all the fun decorations to light it up.

    In conclusion, life on a boat can be scary and risky but worth it. The adventures it takes you on, the experiences you have, and the time it takes from the rest of the world. I’ve become closer to my family and it is so much nicer than the crazy busy world.

A Dream in a Reality

The beach is a happy place and when it is beach time the kids could be very moxie. It is a beautiful creation. You can find a hodgepodge of shells and self found souvenirs or buy something yourself from the hucksters. I enjoy walking the beach myself looking for rare things such as shark teeth, sand dollars, and sea glass. Beaches can be all different shapes and sizes. Big, small, straight, diagonal, or curvy. It might seem like you are an ant up against a giants swollen toe because the beach could be so big. You can also have a good fun time on the beach you can belay your umbrella, relax, and read a book or a parable. The genre of book I would enjoy on the beach is fantasy. Fantasy reminds me of mermaids and mermaids remind me of the ocean. The beach is also a very romantic place. There can be chemistry between two love bugs. Marriages or first kisses.

    The waves can be a balderdash or as still as the shogun waiting to go into battle. Waves are like saboteurs and can become so big they create a splurge and the splurge sabotages the beach. These waves are perfect for surfing. Surfing also takes talent. You might need a benefactor if you are just a beginner. He or she could help you become a professional. The colors of the water can be breath taking like the colors of a macaw. 

    The tide can also change from being very measly to very superlative. The tide is controlled by the gravitational pull of the moon. I love it at night when the moon is out the water is calm and peaceful. It reminds me of a vibrato orchestra playing the most peaceful song on earth. Although, you better watch out for mosquitos. They will attack you and sometimes it can lead to malaria. Not here in the Bahamas even though there is a million bugs in just one section of the beach.

    In conclusion of my diatribe, beaches are beautiful. The color they have during the day and the stillness at night is an exhilarating sight. I am glad to live on a boat to see all the wonderful creations of the beautiful oceans and beaches that God has created.

The Calling of a New Prophet


    Starting with the basics, what is a calling? A calling in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is an act of service towards God. The prophets are serving their time, away from all the world and cyberspace to help lead and guide us back to Heavenly Father. In the Articles of Faith number five it reads, “We believe that a man must be called of God, by prophecy, and by the laying on of hands by those who are in authority, to preach the gospel and administer in the ordinances thereof.” This shows the true meaning of why we have prophets that are called to serve. When they preach of the gospel it will help us have a better knowledge of the gospel. The prophets elite knowledge to me is so big as if it were the size of a panzer. The irony of fondant is like the feeling of knowing that someone, a prophet, is there to lead me and guide me. 

     Prophets serve their time for as long as until they die. Once they die a new prophet is called to serve. Recently in January, President Thomas S. Monson passed away. He was the prophet that I always knew. He served from 2008 to the very first few days of 2018. When a new prophet is called so is the counselors. This new year our prophet is Russel M. Nelson. Before Russel M. Nelson was called as our new prophet, members of the church prepared the funeral for President Thomas S. Monson. The members gave him a eulogy, proper burial, and gratitude for his work in the church. Every time a new prophet comes around, which has only been twice for me, it reminds me of autumn. Every summer is a long summer, like every prophet has served and helped for a long time. When the new prophet comes, the hot summer stops and the fall leaves are falling and we are getting new fresh air. It is now autumn, there is someone new. Or another way when the prophet that has served a long time, they are the winter. A long cold winter. When a new prophet comes along, the long cold winter comes to an end and it is now springing with daffodils and flowers. It is now a new season and that season is spring. Every prophet has a season. Sometimes it is time for a new season. There has been a variety of prophets living on this earth. The origin of all the prophets go all the way back to Adam the first man, human, and prophet on earth.  Though all the Latter-Day prophets lead back to Joseph Smith.    

    The power and spirit that they bring in their talks are wonderful messages. Talks have lots of power in them almost to make someone cry and their face becomes as rouge as a cherry. They are very prowess to stand up there and give a talk in front of a million people. I would be terrified to death. Sometimes in the prophets talks, the prophets don’t look stoic almost like Frankenstein but in reality the prophets, and Frankenstein, are full of feelings. The prophet might seem like he is leading a measly of the church but really he is leading and guiding about 16 million people in the church today. The world of mormons is like an algebra expression. There is about sixteen million members today plus the amount we will get in a few years, decades, and even centuries. We don’t know how many people will convert or little children that become an actual member at the age of eight. As the prophets lead and guide us back to heavenly father they are the trellis and we are climbing to get to the top, or we are trying to get our way back to heavenly father and the prophets help us return to him. The prophets keep us on track they don’t want us to be tempted in Satan’s ways but there could always be a smidge tarnish in our lives. When he does tempt us our faith could be as little as hominy kernels but that little faith can always help.

    In conclusion, prophets are amazing people who help you and I in the church today. Russel M. Nelson will do us a very good job these next few years. He will show us examples and be a good role model. I am so grateful for the prophets on the Earth today. 

      I’d like to bear my testimony that I know that this is the true church that prophets lead and guide me back towards heavenly father. I know that the prophets are their to help us and that they have a perfect knowledge of the church. I know that the scriptures hold all true doctrine and that I could have a knowledge of this gospel. I know that prayer is the answer and that it can help each and ever single being on this Earth. I have a testimony of Jesus Christ and Heavenly father.  I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Family Pictures 2017

I had a great time taking family photos with my family at the beach. You might see the waves of the ocean behind me. That is where are headed next. To conquer the ocean and explore. I love my sisters and love that they are my sisters. I'm glad that I can have a great family like the one I'm in right now. I hope you can still stay with me along my journey and have a fun time.

Smile and wave boys, smile and wave.

Smile and wave boys, smile and wave.

I'm hanging with my sisters trying to catch a wave.

I'm hanging with my sisters trying to catch a wave.

That's the face of beauty.

That's the face of beauty.

Watch out here comes a big SPLASH!

Watch out here comes a big SPLASH!

Hands down, this is an amazing photo.

Hands down, this is an amazing photo.

What to do with a Zoo?

Brevard Zoo didn’t disappoint. Our family went this weekend for an afternoon activity. My favorite animal to see there was the baby White-Faced Saki Monkey. What I thought was pretty cool is that Bo, Jane, Jayd, and I all got to feed a giraffe. Its tongue curled around the lettuce and chewed with its mouth opened. It was gross but fascinating. They should have had a net above the whole zoo so that all the birds could fly around everywhere and some of them could be in a habitat. Now that would be mind-blowing. This is a really enjoyable and favorable zoo to go to. This zoo is a wonderful place to go when bored at home. One piece of advice though, make sure you bring water. They don't have drinking fountains. 

Bree in Costa Rica . . . with Randy!

Waiting for the perfect wave on my boogie board, Randy, like a surfer.

I finally caught the perfect wave and boogied all the way to the shore!

I have been in Costa Rica for a couple of days now and I have been having so much fun already. We have seen so many different cool animals like a Crested Caracara, monkeys, lizards, squirrels, and some crabs at night. The beach is so fun, especially when you are out on the water boogie boarding. When outside you can hear so many different animals in the rain forest. Every night we learn something new about Costa Rica. I find a lot of things fascinating about this small country. We learn about amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, and sea creatures. Costa Rica is beautiful and I will have an amazing journey through this country.