The clock turned to 2:27. That means lunch time, and my stomach was screaming for some coral. The normal day of a starfish. Wake up, find a spot to have breakfast, then take a nap till lunch. Starfish come everywhere from the ocean to eat this coral. I found a nice area where no one can find me. Best spot in town where the food is beyond belief. Just minding my own business, currently eating the wonderful coral, then I saw a shadow cross over me. I tried to tell myself that I need to stay calm, but it didn’t work. My fear wasn’t going anywhere. When I almost peed my pants it reached it's dangerous large tentacles. They look a lot like my stems but without my pokey sides. Anyway, they were big and scary. It picked me up and I was screaming inside. What happens if I never see my family ever again. As the creature glides through the water, I got to see the neighborhood, it was outstanding, I never got to see it from this point of view. I looked at the monster, and I never seen anything like it.  I saw bubbles coming out of a tube. There next to his face, a little tube, it looks like it helps him breathe. I keep looking forward and we are over the clear yellow sand. NO NO we can't go to the land we can't, way to dangerous for me. It could dry me up and kill the life out of me. He comes out of the water and I try to control my breathing. Then I see things that look exactly this creature. But these creatures look a little different. They have longer hair, and don’t have hair on their faces. As I look at it, they are all different sizes. That means some of them are older and some of them are younger. I looked at them and they are very pretty and beautiful. They took care of me. The oldest one put me in the water a couple of times. One of them wanted to throw me in the water. I almost screamed, but the two other ones put me somewhere else. I saw a whole bunch of rock and little tide pools. They put me in one and they watched to see what I could do. Eventually they left to go to their home. I was sad when they left, but hide tide came by and swept me back to my home and rock. Biggest adventure in my life and hopefully the only one.