Costa Rica here we come

Found our beach and already loving the clouds and waves

Found our beach and already loving the clouds and waves

My Trip to Costa Rica

Things you can do while you are there.

     Every single year, my parents take us on a journey to a different country. This year they decided to take us to the lovely and amazing Costa Rica. 

     Costa Rica is a beautiful country. And Costa Rica is a very popular tourist area. It has active volcanoes that spew hot lava and stars that light up the night sky through the many rainforest tree's. Whether it's back packing through the mountains or just relaxing down at the crystal water beaches, you will have a splendid time. 

     The one thing that you have to see is the Sunsets. Every night at 6:00 exactly the sun goes down below. Sometimes the're clouds that are in the way but it can still be a wonderful sight. The sky fills with all sorts of different colors. And the clouds absorb them. The clouds can be pink, yellow, orange, and we even saw purple cotton candy clouds. So if want a romantic dinner or have a memorable night with family go to the beach and watch the sunset and let it take your breath away. 

       Want to take an adventure, got to Diamant√© Adventure Park. It has lots of activity from horseback riding to superman Ziplining. Have you ever wondered what it is it like to fly. With the wind in your hair and your mouth bouncing around like a dogs with his head out of the car's window? Then this is the Zipline for you. The Zipline is a 1 mile long and is about 2:00 min. When you go off the edge you are scared and baffled. You have an amazing view of the beach and the forest. When you zip down the line you feel like you're flying like a bird . Diamant√© also has the largest animal sanctuary in Guanacaste. You have the chance to stand close, face to face to the animal species of the rainforest. The sanctuary has Sloths, Monkeys, Pumas, Jaguars, and Toucans. They also have dozen of other species. Frogs, Snakes, Birds, and a world class butterfly exibit. Diamant√© is an adventure you surely don't want to miss. 

         Beaches are totally worth a long drive to visit. In Playa Flamingo, waves can get up to 10 feet. Wonderful for surfing, and fun to just jump over them. Pirate beach has everything for a fun day at the beach. You can either look for creatures in the rocks, jump big waves, get some sun, or even go to the island. Beaches are beautiful in Costa Rica, and you wished you weren't anywhere else.