My trip to Brevard Co. Zoo


Latley I haven't been wanting to join my family in activities, but as soon as our family reaches our destination I enjoy the activity. This weekend our family loaded up to visit the local zoo in Brevard County. There are a lot of different animals species. One thing that haven't seen in a zoo before is themes. I really liked it. When I entered and saw the different animals I felt like I was in a different world. It was incredible. They had certain animals go into themes. For example mer-cats, giraffes, rinos, camels, and ostriches were gathered in one theme and it was called Africa. Also alligators, crocodiles, monkeys, snakes, and sloths are put in the Florida theme. I also liked the employees. They are super friendly and cooperative. They answered a lot of my questions, And bonus point, you can tell that they put time and effort into their jobs, and that they really care about the animals. But there are a few things that can change. I couldn't find one water fountain in the entire park. We ran out of water on the second theme. I also think they need more animals. They just have the same animals that every other zoo has. And everything was so expensive. One piece of lettuce cost $2.00 just to feed a giraffe. There are things to be unexpected though, like there is a monkey called the Sun Lion Monkey. You think it would be pretty big, but it's really small, its probably the size of a baby monkey. My ultimate favorite part was visiting the stingrays and fishes. One sting ray was really big and was gliding on the side of the glass, so I put my hand in the water and touched it. It was slimy and smooth at the same time. The employee that was there said that the texture on its body helps it glide through the water faster. I found that fascinating. I was about to leave and it came back again, only to do a little trick. It splashed water everywhere and I got soaked. I was kind of happy about that though, I was really hot. I wasn't really looking forward to go to the zoo, but I'm glad I did. I recommend coming to the Brevard Zoo, if you are bored. It's great to see animalsand seeing what they are like. If you have an assignment on a certain animal, come to this zoo. You can learn about the animals, and if you have questions the workers will definitely help you out.